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Belmore Cafeteria Address


Subscribe To RSS Feed 13,944 Followers 18,764 Fans 2,166 Followers Help Scout Make His First Movie! Alex in NYC October 5, 2009 at 10:12 am Just FYI, that's not Travis sitting on the Palantine office stoop, that's Scorsese himself. And that's Brooklyn. City: New York City Country: United States Location: Belmore Cafeteria (closed) Address: Park Avenue South, New York, NY, United States Other scenes from movie Scenes The Taxi Driver Columbus Circle Scenes

The Eastern Parkway Dubrow's was favored by Jewish bookmakers, horse players, gamblers, loan sharks and the last remnants of Brownsville's Murder Inc. Good to know that Gino's Italian Ices have been around so long. Anyone who knows about any movie footage from that part of the city from the 70ties? ATOMISCHE October 6, 2009 at 12:50 pm I used to live at 226 E 13th, and didn't realize that was in the movie until a friend pointed out the fact.

Belmore Cafeteria Address

The street vendor on the right makes me wonder if this is on St. There were three: one in the garment center (this was where HG dined before Knicks games at Madison Square Garden); one on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn (where HG dined after watching We need to talk! Blogs/Sites I Like to Read Google Blogoscoped Silicon Alley Insider Archives 10/23/03 10/28/03 11/01/03 11/07/03 11/19/03 11/21/03 11/25/03 12/19/03 01/19/04 01/20/04 01/30/04

And, yes, the taxis were always parked at the curb, which I guess was legal after 7 pm. Another business still around! He parks his car on 13th Street between 2nd and 3rd Aves to wait for her. Taxi Driver Cafeteria Available to take home.'' There was still the borscht and the brisket, the acorn squash speckled with cinnamon and butter and the big chunks of cabbage glistening wetly in their own

My parents came to the city in 1978 when I was just two years old. Belmore Cafeteria Wiki Facebook Twitter Digg ShareThis Counter Email Print Related: Archive: "Features" Articles by Mark Jacobson Table of Contents: May 3, 2004 issue of New York | Subscribe! I lived in Hell's Kitchen, which wasn't necessarily the most beautiful neighborhood at the time, but I certainly never felt that "people didn't care." As for not being able to walk Can't wait to see what other landmarks you'll come up with!

Chelsea and the Flatiron district didn't exist except as places to get through on one's way uptown or downtown. 204 East 13th Street I love figuring out where something was filmed and seeing if there is still anything recognizable. 13th St. This posting is amazing. As one walked into the place one immediately notice all the tables packed with shmoozing cab drivers.

Belmore Cafeteria Wiki

Reply Jason says: August 28, 2013 at 11:14 am My father used to live on Troy and Carol Street in Brooklyn and often talked about Dubrow's. Gigi January 13, 2011 at 8:21 pm Hear hear, Karen. Belmore Cafeteria Address Truly,the closing down of the Belmore marked the sad end of an era. Old Cafeterias In New York City It was cheaper than AOL (observe the ads for a "$0.50 Inflation Stopper Sandwich").

Scenes Locations Movies Map Trips Blog Login to MovieTrip Sign Up The Taxi Driver - Belmore Cafeteria (closed) Martin Scorsese A cafeteria, where Travis meets his fellow taxi drivers for cup Gropack added. ''What pressures?'' said Mr. You BET. Dubrows, the Belmore & the Garden Cafeteria on East Broadway had great stuff cab drivers and students could afford. 226 East 13th Street Taxi Driver

This eatery (location unknown), offers 2 eggs and extras for the bargain price of 90 cents. Literally, entire blocks that appear in the movie have been leveled since 1976, and only the brief appearance of a building number or street sign gives any clue to the actual We used to get lots of ladies taking interior decorators back to their apartments during the bullish Johnson years, right? gaztruman August 21, 2010 at 8:27 pm Mate, these now and then shots are brilliant.

Today, we finish our look at Taxi Driver (if you missed the previous articles: Part 1/Part 2; for those who missed our look at Ghostbusters: Part 1 & Part 2!). Taxi Driver Film Locations The place on the corner has been serious renovated and is now Hea, a Japanese restaurant: Across the street, another view of Gothic Cabinet Craft: Charlie gets out and chats with People who think the 1970s were the "bad old days" are just as wrong as people who extol them as the "good old days." And that wasn't my point at all,

The building is completely gone, replaced by an ugly apartment highrise: Oddly, the "Locations Then-And-Now" featurette on the Taxi Driver Special Edition DVD incorrectly identifies this building at 62nd & Broadway

The character of Travis Bickle is utterly co-dependent with the New York of 1976, a spawn of all that New York had become at the time. A new restaurant using the Bond name has opened on 45th Street. C&O 4-8-4 614 Gets Underway All I Can Say About Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft I... Dubrow's Cafeteria I think Palantine HQ really was at 63rd and Broadway, but the building has been torn down since then.

I'm certainly no expert on these types of things, but when one area becomes homogenized, I think a lively artist-driven community will probably pop up if the city has a vibrant But I'm not sure you're right about Palantine HQ. Sorry for my bad english and God bless NYC. Singer, the Nobel Prize-winning Yiddish writer, was often there eating tuna salad (he also favored The Eclair,a middle European pastry shop and restaurant on W.72nd).

I also remember the giant scale just to the side of the Belmore's entrance. I suppose that's the gut fear-a homogenized Manhattan. Check out Part 2! -SCOUT If you enjoyed reading this post, would you consider making a donation to help me make my first movie? In 1934, it was converted into a movie theater to survive the Depression.

Travis desperately tries to talk with Betsy, offering us a glimpse across the street of what I believe is the New Amsterdam theater (like the Lyric, it had been converted from Along with the interior-decorator trade. Gropack. ''It's an oasis in the jungle,'' said Mr. This is what I see.

I'm glad you're doing these posts, but this one is really killing me. Things are looking cheerier these days: A tilt up shows the rest of the building: Travis later takes Iris to a diner. Reply Steve Sovare says: May 3, 2012 at 8:32 am My grandfather was a cook at the Belmore in 1942. It’s a small scale operation" (5/9) More new entries...

I love NY. But I must take issue with your idea that in the 70's NYC looked like itself and that now it does not. Log In Register Now Help Home Page Today's Paper Video Most Popular Edition: U.S. / Global Search All N.Y. / Region World U.S. The men who ran Murder Inc.

Relief Stop. You're missing the point. Kris December 3, 2009 at 3:31 am This is the first time I've visited your blog. They figure that if you have an old, dumpy place, people will think you serve old, dumpy food.