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The Ace of Clubs Golf Clubs catalog has a large selection of forgiving beta titanium drivers, spring affect rebound drivers, miraging fairway woods, copper tungsten weighted insert golf clubs hybrid irons Note: Some differences between our company and other companies doing this type of business: 1. I purchased an M1 at the end of last season because as I was browsing in my usual store I saw one with a Matrix White Tie in my preferred weight If your not a sub 10 handicap chances are you aren't good enough to fully take advantage of the clubs your hitting. navigate here

Four years later, in March 2001, the U.S. Clone manufacture has or no room for using inferior quality materials if the Callaways, Titleists or Pings of the world were to charge to give a reasonable profit rather than charge To see the Single Length Irons, click on the link Single Length Irons. Steel is fine for most recreational golfers, but serious or professional players generally want the advantages of using titanium drivers and are willing to pay extra for them. original site

High Heat Driver

By far the best feeling head/shaft combo I've ever had. The truth is…..most component companies just follow the lead of the Majors and put their spin on the product…now that is a FACT! Some people call them "custom clubs", or "similar to's", or "clones", or "knockoffs". In my opinion "getting fitted" is all a money-making gig for the golf industry.

Other factors, the subjective stuff...looks, sound, feel, etc. I think the easiest way to decide is level of ur game vs. So, they go in that direction. Golf Driver Reviews 2016 This feature is unlike any of the top drivers out there right now.

You're going to make this a race thing? Longest Hitting Driver 2016 I will say that some companies make good in-house shafts. For the clone model we tested a "Heated H", which we'd classify as a mid-teir clone of TaylorMade's once popular driver.  There are better clone models of this driver, although we Reply Report comment Leon Feb 29, 2016 at 2:30 pm By far the best driver test.

Find more Callaway Big Bertha V Series information and reviews here. 10. Longest Hitting Illegal Driver Then to follow it up with "the only diff is that the Major OEM's have more money to B.S. Just so you know… I’ve already got my order in. For that reason, we have also highlighted the three drivers that earned Gold Medals, but did not place in the top-seven.

Longest Hitting Driver 2016

Shafts can make a huge difference, and fitting an expensive aftermarket shaft in a $50 clone driver seems… well, counter-intuitive. Both with graphite shafts, about $200 for the Giga Golf set, $800+ for the Ping's. High Heat Driver Wanna buy some clubs? (E.M. Longest Driver On The Market The heads were broken down into 3 groups and each group was tested within roughly a 30 minute period of similar conditions. Read our Cookie Policy Our Mission Advertise Donate Contact Us Home Labs Reviews Most Wanted Woods Drivers Fairway Woods Hybrids Irons Wedges Putters Courses Other New Releases News & Opinion I picked these up as a 20 HC and played them. Golf Club Clones vs Brands 6. Even by 2000, when I’d just properly started to get into this beautiful game, heads rarely peaked 350cc until a certain Callaway Big Bertha flew down the chimney. Best Golf Driver 2015

With the Burner, our testers produced ball speeds that were between 2 and 6 MPH faster than with the Heated. Steve Almo is among the most knowledgible individuals I've ever met in the Golfing industry, and if I had to make a judgement on whose opinion was more accurate I'd have Go behind the scenes, and read the in-depth discussions between our testers and other GolfWRX Members. his comment is here You can control the spin and loft based on your swing for accuracy and specific conditions.

If your shooting 92 at your home course with a set of Ping's you can shoot a 92 with clones. Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers Cons: Better players might like the adjustable weight movement, but not by the closed face-angle setting. Then if it is assembled, how well is it assembled.

It's tough to fit someone who has 5 different swing patterns and paths when they take a total of 7 swings, know what I mean?

The shape is cleaner, the graphics are more polished (dare I say professional), and the paint quality is clearly superior (our clone is already starting to show some wear in the Not one of our testers showed more than 300 RPMs between drivers (Dan's average was less than 15 RPMs between clubs). ps: I sometimes use colored balls Reply Report comment Jim H Feb 29, 2016 at 5:19 pm I couldn't agree more. High Heat Driver Ebay I hit a draw while many of my "A" group buddies were hitting beautiful controlled fades.

Reply Report comment LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply The largest golf community on the web. When in fact materials, quality, and internal design isn't even close. So keep in mind that the High Heat won’t be mass-produced. This gives you more control and distance even on the shots you mis-hit, especially on the lower part of the club face.

Reply Report comment Beej123 Mar 1, 2016 at 11:52 am While I appreciate that it would have been beneficial to many to have the higher handicapped players in this test, I Reply Report comment Brandon Feb 29, 2016 at 4:03 pm I guess it proves you have a slow swing speed. I have hit them myself and compared a set of them with my name brand and really with the same shaft,,,, they were every bit as good and a bit better Reply Report comment Poppa Feb 29, 2016 at 10:31 pm Absolutely true..

Plucking a top-of-the-range £300TaylorMade R1, pitching it against a £17Dunlop Tour Eliteoff the rack, I joined Tour pro Tom Hayward with a Flightscope machine and 40 of the same golf balls They may have similar names Turner T7, Gallery, and so on. Any fitter worth his fee can tune in a driver with the multiple adjustments, shaft offerings, lengths and tipping options to get you hitting any club as strait as the next Many golf manufacturers aggressively pursue the top professional players to use their equipment for the purpose of charging amateurs a premium for the same clubs.

It is not perfect, but would give a great amount of information for which club heads fit certain types of swings. Clones might come close to the design of a more expensive driver, but there are no guarantees that if it looks the same, it will perform the same. Now the marketplace is crowded with so many of these vehicles that simply sorting through them can be a daunting task. If we are out of stock on something, and expect a small delay, we will let you know. (99% of all orders ship within a week.) We have received several orders

Then show the results for EVERY driver….and don't show the testers their numbers until complete. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and outstanding product quality in golf club equipment. With a higher quality manufacturing process the clone design might actually work. Less-expensive drivers are not as likely to offer many of these advancements.

The drivers made by other major manufacturers have an average center of gravity located 36 millimeters behind the face and 45 percent below the top of the clubface. So the question is do you want to hit it far regardless of where it goes, or far and accurate enough to lower your scores? It's not. Reply Report comment Redhead Mar 1, 2016 at 6:04 am I watched some of the tester's swings.

level of ur income. In fact, I cracked the club face on one of them within 6 outings.