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Best Nvidia Drivers Visual Pinball

A cautionary warning when testing VPX If trying out a VPX table when you already running that table in VP9xx, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP THE RELEVANT NVRAM FILE!!!! b#shpCntId Jed7th December 2016, 07:22 PMSo im looking at upgrading my computer/virtual pin to run VP10, would this be suitable, i have a GTX750ti graphics card to go in it. I have my Vpin next to my Pin*Bot and going from real to virtual, my shots are way off to start with, have to readjust every time I swap. StevOz26th January 2017, 01:12 AMI run a core i3 haswell @ 3.4Ghz with a GTX660, it runs the latest VPX10.2.1 with mostly all settings maximised without issue in DT mode, 1 navigate here

Huge drop from 2.25x DSR which just flies even with heavy AA settings. Jed22nd January 2016, 11:16 AMMy PC is just on 2 years old now , a core i3 haswell and a GTX660 fully updated drivers running W10. I assume you're running Win7? Grab one of these instead: k He sent a message saying to make an offer on a 250gb computer, so i offered $140, he accepted my offer.

priced at €400,-i also have a 3 screen setup, with the backglass running on a 9800GT. 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites karlson18 2 Advanced Any help you can provide is very much appreciated! It is an i5 (not sure what series or speed) with 6GB RAM and a 1GB Radeon 5450 Graphics card. I will get some fps readings for vpx and vp9.9 in my 2 screen b2s setup and post with my spec, for reference.

It does cost $25 the pro version but has a free edition (Looks like the free edition would have most of what we'd need). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk OzBlackKnight20th December 2016, 08:02 AMWalking Dead LE: It's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JustAnotherRat3rd January 2017, 07:03 AMSo the pin2dmd.exe /b .\pal\PALETTENAME.dat code works with these? Both of them performed pretty poorly, but armed with a heap of tweaked settings I'm keen to revisit them shortly.

would be interested to hear from other pin2dmd owners experience with this game? The tables do look fantastic though, and the physics much more realistic. either way, not much to pay for a vp10 platform. Should the DMD be set to the displays native resolution or the lowest resolution possible and then allow the display to upscale it?

Each time it changes I notice a small stutter. Plays terrific, looks great, the original DT settings seemed little strange, so I changed them and I brighten it up a bit. If you have to know which ones I'm using I can write them down on this thread if you ask. What's a 750ti worth ?

I think my first impressions were jaded somewhat by having done a LOT of messing around with VP9 tables to improve their reaction and feel, so in making the jump to ( I have not looked at the differences, but wouldn't running tables in desktop mode be nothing like running it full screen in terms of benchmarks ? They're circled in the image. Not convinced there's any gain from 2.25x (3840px) but that was running perfect at 32x CSAA.

About HyperSpin HyperSpin is a frontend, it is not a game or an emulator.  A frontend is a menu system that can launch other programs and emulators from one menu.  Without Here are my PC specs: AMD A10-7850K Kaveri 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU) 3.7GHz GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XM-D3H FM2+ / FM2 AMD A88X SAPPHIRE DUAL-X 100373L Radeon R9 280 8GB Last edited by Cuddlebuddie928; 10-24-2014 at 11:03 PM. Platinum Member 10 1,001 posts Posted July 23, 2010 Like to try this...

Now that I am running the Pin2DMD setup I'm back to two monitors so I was considering messing around with XP again - frankly I'm sick to death of all the I already was running i7 4Gb DDR3 Ram so the cpu was fine. Sorpranos under VPX was a serious slowdown initially but now that works flawlessly 99% of every game with a lamp timer increase which aleviated ball stutter.....  I don't use AA or his comment is here I first tested the PC using a Radeon R7-240 and, using my typical test table in VPX, Rolling Stones, I found that there was pretty bad microstutter.

Is there a full install app for VP10? Having tested both with the same video card you are going to use I can say that EITHER would do the job for you, so go with the i5-750 you linked I took a pic of the start of the script (as my VP isn't on the network) so that you can see what I have.

H4CK3R 0 Go to top Share this post Link to post Share on other sites chriz99    10 look behind you...

here... ( I find the ball gets stuck each time I use the left plunger. Once I get the DMD and PFX2 properly sorted I can do some more effective testing, as I have an identical HP DC7900 into which I will be installing a GTX750Ti. b#shpCntId not sure a 750 would fit in that, small form factor pc ? 63wizz7th December 2016, 07:39 PMnot sure a 750 would fit in that, small form factor pc I was about to say what I thought I did and then realised that I'm not sure.

I'm sure you mean me? ;) I'm all good now on TWD after updating the P2dmd to 2.36 and TWD is already colourised by default and looks very cool :) which I can see you are running most video options at maximum. I'm yet to try VP10, however results with playing a broad range of tables in VP versions 9.1.5, 9.2.0 and PhysMod5 has seen most tables run perfectly. weblink I did a quick and dirty install of VP10 on my desktop PC and it works fine.

Can anybody suggest a good way to monitor what process might be causing this?