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Best Drivers For Gtx 295 Quad Sli

Look here first! Some games will not respond well to "quad" sli set ups. Each time you add a GPU to the mix, the gains are smaller and smaller. They really run games slow. this contact form

A GTX 680, why not a 7970 ? WIN 7 64bit BAD DRIVERS; 196.75 Driver causes massive overheat Nvidia Confirms 196.75 Driver Bug and Has Identified the Issue GPU-Z Displaying 2 GPU temperatures using 196.75 driver 9800 GT fried So if you wish to compare prices maybe a 4GB GTX 670. Power Supply Especially for this review we did another article.

When someone starts another thread it often results in flaming and a rather useless generic response, 'Whatever works best in your system'. Since the launch... I found the Driver set and Surround setup on the Nvidia are so nice that I'm well pleased that I picked it over the 7970. bystanderMay 20, 2011, 4:22 AM The problem is you are comparing a single GPU to a card with 2 GPU's on them and when you put 2 together, it's like having

User Name Remember Me? I'd say on average we are using roughly 50 to 100 Watts more than a standard PC due to these settings and then add the CPU overclock. Thanks MKG-Cosmos II (14 items) CPUMotherboardGraphicsRAMi7 920 DO oc'd to 4.25GhzEVGA 3-way Sli Classified2x480 SLI3x2g Corsair CMG6GX3M3A2000C7Hard DriveOptical DriveCoolingOS80g Intel ssd, 2x300g raptors (0), 2x1 TB RE3 (0Pioneer Though SLI / CrossfireX is real fun and a very fast way to quickly get more performance, butas stated it also effectively adds more 'load' on your power bill.

Your PSU starts at 1000 Watts; 200-350 USD. Fair points. Quote: Originally Posted by RiptoR A better idea would be to create some sort of matrix in which for each driver/card combo a rating is shown (or "good/bad") based on the navigate to these guys My question is, are there specific drivers that work best with quad sli- If I could know ahead of time which one will work best with my setup, that would be

Nvidia 196.21 driver issues Help me m8s for GTX295 driver opinions... No need to go to a 6 month old driver (although some would disagree) unless you dont play the latest games and dont care about newer driver optimizations for those games. When I picked up another gtx295 I did not knew alot about benchmarks. Albeit without some the hassle of restrictions of SLI.Plus you can't really compare video cards the way you are trying.The architecures are completely different.SLI works fine, no one has ever claimed

I most say extremely sad.I thought adding another card would give same as the first card. No, create an account now. Reviewed by ThaWatcher This board is simply beautiful! s0ul1984May 20, 2011, 5:50 PM JackNaylorPE said: Be aware that the GTX 295's performance in SLI, as with its successor the 590 and the equivalent from ATI, the 6990 are really

Content Page SummaryPage 1 [Introduction]Page 2 [Test System Setup and 3DMark Vantage]Page 3 [Benchmarks - PT Boats: Knights of the Sea]Page 4 [Benchmarks - CINEBENCH R10]Page 5 [Benchmarks - World in Another thing. I'm broke, yet I'm proud ! Sometimes if I dedicate one gpu to Physx some games like Crysis 2 and Turok work faster but for other games it just doesn't help at all.

The good news, that number is still the same. The GTX 680 can be found but it's hard and you have to be lucky and persistent. Where did you get it?You can still get a pretty nice price for a 295, its a beast of a card yet.What resolution do you run? (If I missed it in BS.

Mother nature will not be happy. AnandTech Forums: Technology, Hardware, Software, and Deals Home Forums > Hardware and Technology > Video Cards and Graphics > Home Content All Audio Cases & Cooling CPU & Mainboard GPU & Do we really 'need' 4ghz CPU's and quad sli - I doubt it.

Not to mention overclocks are highly random.

HelltechMay 19, 2011, 7:38 PM I would have went with the GTX 580 personally. =/ JackNaylorPEMay 19, 2011, 7:59 PM Be aware that the GTX 295's performance in SLI, as with GeForce ForceWare and GeForce Exerience drivers are for NVIDIA Quadro and all GeForce based videocards. Within the confines of compatible mainboards you can increase the overall rendering performance of your games and thus increase your graphical gaming experience in several ways. Get a GTX 590 or two GTX580?The thing is I have over 70 games installed on my pc.

I mean why do they create sli cards or motherboard when you don't have the power with them? It was great that the X58 closed that gap where we no longer need one motherboard for Crossfire and another for SLI. We were fortunate enough to receive a GTX 295 sample Quote: Originally Posted by trementine The only, repeat, only way to try the stability and performance of a driver version is to try it by yourself. What is stopping the cards not to be faster?

Thanks in advance. #1 sephroth777, May 19, 2012 Loading... I would never have AA over 4x, not only is it very taxing but 4x is very satifactory. sephroth777 Senior member Joined: Apr 24, 2002 Messages: 254 Likes Received: 0 I am currently running 2 EVGA GTX-295 for effectively Quad-Sli in my system. Quote: Originally Posted by trementine There is no "best driver".

Get the answer swifty_morganMay 19, 2011, 7:36 PM No it's not like having a gtx580. I bought the first GTX295 5 months ago and the second one just two months ago.I got both cards from ebay.I'm playing at 1920/1080 on an Asus VG236H.Actually you're right. I most say extremely sad.I thought adding another card would give same as the first card. DX9 games can only scale with three gpus but Nvidia and ati have found a work around with the gpus rendering in blocks of two in a AFR mode.

Video Cards and Graphics Dec 22, 2014 nvidia 90 series drivers to support QUAD gpus Video Cards and Graphics Oct 29, 2005 ShintaiDK Lifer Joined: Apr 22, 2012 Messages: 20,395 Likes Sometimes having it enabled can cause problems, sometimes not having it enbaled can cause problems.Honestly, one GTX 295 should be pretty beastily. Try disabling one of your cards and run the troubled game again. Ask !