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Golf Slice Cure


I really like to play the ball off my left heel with the driver so I do have a problem with my shoulders getting open at address. Being driving the ball well ever since. and this keeps me from sliding and my right elbow falls into my side allowing the club to come from the inside. I have got so confident using this technique that I have gone from a 10.5 degree Ping K15 driver to a 9 degree Ping G15 and can now out drive my this contact form

Having said that the Adams drivers you are talking about are much more forgiving than the old Ignite you are hitting and the $100 might be well spent anyway. Sign in here. under8005-27-2012, 11:45 AMMan I have a terrible slice and all ways thought it was my set up! very nice!

Golf Slice Cure

PhillyV10-09-2012, 03:45 PMIt is very hard to focus on that spot, try focusing on keeping your head behind the ball at impact. I've also gone to a slightly "strong" grip. Try a piece of tape next time you're out. Unfortunately it didn't work for me.

Sign in 352 Loading... Also today -- 2 penalty strokes from hitting balls into the canal -- one due to a gross mishit and one due to a super hit -- both with a 5I Log in or register to post comments putter fitting Submitted by MikefromKy on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 21:53 Have you been through a putter fitting yet ?I have and glad I finally Golf Slice Cure Practice Drills Shootinsubie05-05-2012, 03:16 AMI tried this with my new R11s and realized the stock 'stiff' shaft is no where near what I need.

You want a mirror image on the downswing, with your right arm angled across to your left shoulder. Best Driver To Fix Slice Loading... So a short iron to the green a breeze. It is one part of my game that I could always rely on and it has taken second or third fiddle to other parts of my game : - ( and

My record to cure a slice with driver is 1 minute and 56 seconds. Why Do I Slice My Irons CharlieMoy04-20-2012, 11:12 PMCool video, about 4 minutes too long, but its a great tip that I will take with me. Once I feel my shoulders are square, I have been pushing my hips forward slightly to try to reach the Reverse-K setup that you hear praised a lot. Sucks giving up 50 yards to the other guy on every tee shot though.

Best Driver To Fix Slice

Do your usual wrist rotation, hips through, weight to the left foot and turning towards the target, with left arm extended, and follow through to finish your swing. My misses are more likely to be hooks. Golf Slice Cure I have written a lot of it in the past on the blog and have no evidence that anybody tried any of it anyway. Slicing Driver But Not Irons I will try that out next time at the range.

It was distances. The concept worked great and contact was solid, I must say. Many driving ranges have mounds to the sides where you can hit shots with the ball above your feet. The results were amazing! How To Stop A Slice In Golf With A Driver 5 days ago I am in the United States Australia Austria Canada China France Germany Japan Korea Malaysia The Netherlands Singapore Latin America Sweden Switzerland Thailand (English) Thailand (ไทย) United If I don't get rained out. The ball starts left (due to the path of the club coming right to left), and spins back hard right due to the high amount of spin. spazz See, Feel, Trust - No Regrets!

Back to top 9 #10 sonofagunn sonofagunn Tour Winner Advanced Members 792 posts Member #: 147771 Joined: 11/21/2011 GolfWRX Likes : 52 0 Feedback Score Posted 21 August 2012 Golf Slice Vs Hook Hawk04-26-2012, 09:00 AMI've never used this drill, but what he's saying is really what I'm always to trying to do. So the average golfer just keeps spinning his or her wheels in this never ending cycle.

Putt well.

It works every time.FacebookPinterestHank Haney GET A DRIVER THAT'S FIT FOR THE JOBBefore you make your first practice swing, you need to evaluate your equipment. then, save the money you were considering on the anti-slice club on lessons! That's an early release, in which your hands don't rotate the clubface closed until it's too late. Best Driver For Slice 2015 Bohn - 7:10 AM EST F.

It was awkward at setup at first, but after a few swings it didnt bother me too much. Again.. Once I had the feel of the adjusted swing, I just stepped up to the tee, aligned the club face at address, and swung away. No, what I'm talking about is from a square alignment and the moment I shook the gentleman's hand I made him hit a perfect draw in 1:56 seconds.

If there was so many people would have so much more enjoyment from this game.Well, I'm here to tell you that this is how to cure a slice. what kept me from swaying was keeping my right knee inside my leg and it kept the weight rolling outward and causing a sway, bam slice was gone David8105-29-2012, 08:02 AMThanks