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Best Ati Drivers For Rage Game

runs good, looks good, awesome framerate @ 1080×1920 …until…. It was much worse before I tweaked some graphics settings in the Nvidia control panel (the thing that really helped was setting CUDA to only be used on my GTX 580 So you can do the same thing but with high quality textures. rcmaniac25Maybe I'm lucky. this contact form

I couldn't even leave the first room because of the lag with the 5770 but when I put the 8800 in the game ran perfectly. I've cx'd my order and will wait for a WIT :) God Bless America and all your little guinea pigs ¬_¬ 05/10/2011 at 17:10 CommanderJ says: Playing this on an [email protected], Still, when an industry as a whole has no tangible consequences for doing stuff like this, customers get broken games. It's broken, even on consoles. click resources

The most significant bug so far seems to be people simply not being able to get into the game. Bring up the console by hitting the tilde button, and then type "listcvars" or "listcmds" to see everything you can tweak. Also Metacritic User score is 4.2, so it was or still at afternoon. It ran fairly smooth (minus texture pop) with a 6850, Phenom II X2 560, and 2gigs ram.

With NVIDIA cards, that doesn't happen in our testing. I believe that the only reason it's not done more often is that it must be freaking hard to fine tune as there are a lot of parameters and it's not Megatexturing allows unique textures on every surface, which is why even ETQW's terrain in 2007 looked better than Battlefield/Fallout/whatever's PS2-era chequerboards. 05/10/2011 at 03:15 MattM says: Yes but the unique textures Something, somewhere went seriously off the rails. 05/10/2011 at 05:17 Chylde_Orchid says: I ran Deus Ex release day without so much as a hiccup… Rage, on the other hand, has had

I get when something like New Vegas and Deus Ex has issues. I have vsync running so I get no screen tear. I can't really accept that id would knowingly release such a handicapped system on PC, just because the engine had to run on consoles too - Carmack operates above that kind Even Alec Meer from Rock, Paper, Shotgun says that he's seeing quite a few technical problems on his PC to the point where he isn't even sure he can keep playing.

Seen below is actual footage uploaded to YouTube by a Steam forum member. I don't blame him. 05/10/2011 at 04:31 MultiVaC says: I've still got massive texture pop-in with my Nvidia card, too. That's it. Also keep in mind drivers are being released rapidly, so be sure to check to see if there has been a new update.

Also when bringing up the Steam menu, the game menu's (not Steam's) bottom half inverts and flickers. So much fun. Here are five best practices that can help you boost end-user experiences, simplify performance management, and reduce the cost of your AWS environment. Which doesn't seem to have these problems as everyone was calling it beautiful.

it freezes for 2-6 seconds every 5 seconds or so. I want a real pc game with lots of settings for video not a console ported for pc. 10 rcmaniac25 5 years ago Maybe I'm lucky. i also wonder if carmack purposely held back info from amd and nvidia to try and prove the point that they should be able to write the drivers for there cards This kinda crap should have been hammered out well ahead of time.

im playing the game right now on the recent nvidia beta drivers and havent had one problem except the screen tearing which was easily fixed by forcing it on outside the less than blown away by, the combat is sort of fun, and i'm trying to get myself back into that old id style of "baddies rush at you, you kill them This kinda crap should have been hammered out well ahead of time. navigate here Follow @eurogamer Home News Rage PC PC Rage AMD drivers released Should improve performance.

At least… he used to :) 05/10/2011 at 00:33 DevilSShadoW says: from what i hear, TotalBiscuit will have a WTF is (first impressions) on RAGE up on his YT channel in About Valve | Business Solutions | Steamworks | Source Engine | Cyber Cafs | Jobs 2014 Valve Corporation. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time.

Mostly only when i'm looking up and down, left to right seems ok.

For more information, go here. I'm running at the highest settings with the exception of AA. ID Software is using Rage to showcase the new ID Tech 5 engine and is one of the most widely anticipated titles this year. Rage : troubles.

Umm... It's nice to see id trying new things with the company's engines, but in practice, the PC version of the game looks, plays, and feels like an afterthought. and srsly when 3dfx was around couldnt u sli quake 2? his comment is here Here is my PC: Intel i7 860 8 GB RAM ATI HD 5870 Has anyone else with ATI hardware suffered the same results as me with the 11.8 drivers versus the

Uncheck "Enable Surface Format Optimization" It seems to fix the flickering for me. 10-04-2011, 01:32 AM #7 Jiggy727 Join Date: Dec 2010 Reputation: 18 Posts: 299 Quote: